Can you live without having a credit card?

The answer to the question is a resounding YES! Living without credit cards in today’s society is a lot simpler than you might think. Traditionally it’s always been expected that you should have at least one usable piece of plastic in your wallet. In the event of an emergency it’s always been thought that you should have at least one credit card…particularly in the face of an emergency. Renting a car, booking a hotel, or purchasing a plane ticket are transactions that historically have been done with the use of a credit card. Today there a number of ways to transact all of the vital things that you need without having to rely on a credit card. Rental car companies, hotels, and e-commerce travel websites will almost all accept a transaction done on a debit card with a VISA or MasterCard logo. Also, you can always get a secured credit card. Capital One is one of the larger creditors that easily offer consumers a secured card. With a $25 application, and $300 deposit you can have all the full benefits of making important purchases with credit. More importantly, as long as you pay on time using the secured card those transactions will be reported positively to each of the credit bureaus….boosting your score. So, fear not and use debit and secured credit.


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