How to Rebuild your Credit by Adding Positive Trade Lines

Our clients enroll into a debt settlement program for one basic reason. It is because they seek immediate relief from the requirements of having to pay extremely high monthly minimum payments on their credit cards.
The requirements of having to make minimum payments on credit cards that are rendered virtually useless because of being at or near their limit or due to high interest rates has proved to be a huge burden on the public.
Inherently when the public suffers through some type of financial hardship they become unable to pay, and get reported to each of the credit bureaus as delinquent. A 30 day, 60 day, 90 day, and 120 day late payment can do a lot of damage to your credit score.
At some point things usually change for the better with time and in particular after enroll ling into a debt settlement program that will lower your monthly bills. Then, it is time to figure out a way to repair your credit. This article explains how.
The way to build credit is to essentially prove to a future lender that you are a worthwhile borrower. As they say, past performance is indicative of future results. In other words make your monthly payments by paying your bills on time without fail, no excuses. A good payment history is the single most important thing you can do to increase your credit score.
The positive payment history gets positively reported to the credit bureaus and that will go a long way towards increasing your score.
One of the easiest way to ensure a good payment history is to apply for and open up a secured credit card. A quality secured card will allow you to deposit a set amount of money onto your card similar to how a pre-paid or debit card works. For example, you deposit $200 on to your card and that becomes your limit. Every time you participate in a transaction using your own capped amount of money it will get reported positively to the credit bureaus by the creditor. That is a great way to get started repairing your credit.
Another way to increase your credit score by obtaining positive trade lines is to request to be added as an authorized user. Seek out a family member or friend who has good credit and who trusts you. Build their trust by demonstrating a capability to be responsible in other areas of your financial life. If that person contacts their creditor and adds you to their credit card as an authorized user every time they make a payment on time on that card it gets reported positively for you as well.
I won’t kid you at all…repairing your credit score is a long and arduous task that requires time and patience. The two ways I described above are certainly the best first steps.


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